PicMy name is Saurabh Banawar. I founded and developed this tool as a hobby project. I wanted to make testing clickjacking more easy and wanted to help other security researchers. I am a security researcher who likes to find security vulnerabilities applications and APIs. Currently, I work as a developer at Amdocs, Inc.

You can reach out to me via email at or via linkedin at 

Founded in 2019, is a platform to test clickjacking security vulnerability with ease. You can test HTTPS, HTTP sites as well as Intranet and Internal sites. You can also use it to make clickjacking PoC and get a shareable it. It also has an interactive tutorial which makes it easy for newbies to learn what clickjacking is and how to exploit it. Daily hundreds of security testers rely on to test websites for clickjacking vulnerability.

Hosted on Google cloud platform, the site is built using Express and NodeJS on the backend and Angular in the front-end and MYSQL and MongoDB as databases. The CI and CD pipeline is built using Jenkins.

Following are some interesting write-ups by the security community mentioning